Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wall of Chocolate: Indahphoria Chcocolatier

Indahphoria translates to "Carry the Beauty" in a cross between the Indonesian language and Latin.  We have several of their chocolate bars including Queso de Cabra, which is Dark Chocolate with Tumalo Farms Classico Reserve Artisan Goat Cheese, Turkish Figs and a hint of Cayenne. The goat flavor really comes through in this limited edition chocolate bar. Other varieties we carry are La Pura Vida, Aphrodite, Chili Spice, Go Banana's Over Coconut and Himalayan Salt.

Indahphoria Chocolate bars are the culmination of the creator's world experiences.  They are inspired by his background growing up and exploring Southeast Asia, his love for organic farming practices, natural medicine, love for adventure and well crafted chocolate. These chocolate bars, are all handcrafted using only Fair-Trade and Organic ingredients. All bars are sweetened with coconut nectar.

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