Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gluten Freedom: November 2009

Back To School!!!

Ok, so it’s the love hate “back to school” time of year. We love it because we get to go to the bathroom without anyone knocking at the door wanting something that only YOU can do, but we also hate the idea of having to come up with something creative on a daily basis for your child’s lunchbox…which for you newbies is fun…for a while.

If you’re smart, and they’re old enough of course, you will designate an area of your fridge that will hold all of your “pre-approved” lunch “choices” and you will let your child make his/her own lunch, with the goal of course of eliminating yet another thing you are no good at, and handing the responsibility back to them.

However, if your child isn’t old enough and you are relegated to chief cook and lunch maker, let’s look at the gluten free options!

Believe it or not there exists new bread I have discovered, and one that Mana should have in the store by now called Udi’s. Udi’s bread is a godsend!!! I defy anyone to note a difference between Udi’s and any other decent sandwich bread. So….lunch.



*Udi’s bread (Finally one that doesn’t crumble in your hands at first bite!)


*Left over anything you made for dinner that they liked, placed in a BFA-free reusable container

Ok, so the rest……

(GF sides for lunches)

*Sliced Fruit

Can add for scoopage:

*Almond Butter

*Dips (Read labels)


*Chips (check labels carefully) Safe Chips are:

*Eden Brown Rice Chips

*Mary’s Gone Crackers Sticks & Twigs

*Garden Of Eatin Plain Corn Chips

*You get the picture, but READ labels!


Can add for scoopage:

*Dips (Read labels)

* Hummus


*Roasted Nuts

These are really easy to make! Simply heat your oven to 300-325 (depending on your

Maui oven). Place nuts on cookie sheet, either on aluminum or a silpat, and put in

oven for about 8-10 minutes or until you just start to smell the nuts.

*For Almonds…simply add the almonds and bake

*For Pumpkin Seeds…you have a couple of choices. Personally I love them with

a bite, but if your child doesn’t, just put them on the cookie sheet, add about 1-2

teaspoons of olive oil per pound (453 gm), add Himalayan sea salt (or sea plain

salt) and mix, then bake as above. If you like a bite, add cayenne pepper to taste

when you add salt.

Snacks are easy….Mana is full of gluten free choices for snacks, but while you can, because this won’t last long, have your child learn to enjoy the naturally sweet snacks of the abundant and local Mana fruits we have on our beautiful island home!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maui Weekly: Business Briefs

Mana Foods is getting ready to celebrate 25 years of wholesome business with a “community appreciation week,” beginning Monday, Oct. 26. Founded in 1983 by Ed Thielk, this North Shore market, which offers a wide range of natural and organic items, has a dedicated team of over 100 employees to keep this “bustling business” running smoothly. The colorful produce aisle has an average of 80 to 90 percent certified organic or unsprayed items, and 40 percent of their produce is Hawai‘i-grown. In honor of their anniversary, Mana Foods is holding a weeklong celebration, which includes customer giveaways, prizes, nutritional education, tasty samples, facials from Dr. Hauschka and more. Mana Foods is located at 49 Baldwin Avenue in the heart of Pä‘ia. Call 579-8078 or visit for more information.

Maui Time Weekly: Plugs & Slugs

To Mana Foods for reaching the quarter-century mark. This month, the popular Paia health food store is celebrating 25 years in business with a series of customer appreciation events, including a BBQ fundraiser for the Paia Youth & Cultural Center on October 30 (check out for more info). Even if herbal supplements and kombucha tea aren't your thing, you've got to give credit to a local establishment dedicated to healthful, sustainable food (40 percent of Mana's produce is grown in Hawaii and between 80 ans 90 percent in certified organic, according to a company release) Plus, Mana employs about 100 people, an especially important fact these days.

by Jacob Shafer, Maui Time Weekly
October 22, 2009, Volume 13, Issue 18

Friday, October 16, 2009

New York Magazine

"Hike way above the clouds in the dormant Haleakala volcano, Maui's highest peak. Stop beforehand for provisions at Mana Foods, an excellent health-food store in Paia"
By Vanessa Grigoriadis
Read the entire article here