Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maui Time Weekly: Plugs & Slugs

To Mana Foods for reaching the quarter-century mark. This month, the popular Paia health food store is celebrating 25 years in business with a series of customer appreciation events, including a BBQ fundraiser for the Paia Youth & Cultural Center on October 30 (check out for more info). Even if herbal supplements and kombucha tea aren't your thing, you've got to give credit to a local establishment dedicated to healthful, sustainable food (40 percent of Mana's produce is grown in Hawaii and between 80 ans 90 percent in certified organic, according to a company release) Plus, Mana employs about 100 people, an especially important fact these days.

by Jacob Shafer, Maui Time Weekly
October 22, 2009, Volume 13, Issue 18

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