Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fresh & local: Ululani Farms

Heavenly Grove
Now in the prodice isle: Crimson Sweet Watermelons grown with sustainable, organic methods in a fun and relaxed environment on Ululani Farm, Molokai. In the Hawaiian language, Ulu means grow, and Lani means Heaven. Translated, Ululani means Heavenly Grove or Growing Toward the Heavens. Ululani represents the essence of the farm as well as their fundamental philosophy of daily living.
The 50 acres in the Ag Park is located on the drier (and sunnier) leeward side of Molokai. Water for the drip-irrigated fields comes from catchments in a windward mountain valley, through a mountain tunnel, via a reservoir, and gravity piped to the farm.
Persistent NE trades make windbreaks a necessity. Banana trees are planted crosswind in a row every 200 feet.
No herbicides are used on the fields, instead, the mowed grass clippings under the trees improve soil consistency and nutrition, and promote the necessary soil microbes, all which makes our papayas and mangos even sweeter.
Mean chemicals that are not consistant with organic standards are not used. However, the farm is not entirely organic because of papayas high nutritional needs in Hawaii's poor volcanic soil. Soil conditions are being built up, so they can be organic.

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