Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fresh & Local: Notes from the produce isle

Spring is the worst time for imported produce, with supply shortages & wildy fluctuating prices. The season in Mexico is finishing up and it is still to early for California to be in full swing. Just another reason to buy locally grown produce.

This week, we shattered records with over 53% of the produce isle being sourced from Maui and the other Hawaiian islands.

The first lychee of the season have arrived from Haiku

Watermelons from Lahaina and Ululani Farms on Molokai are just starting to come into season.

Beautiful cherry tomatos, with over 7 varieties in each pack, from Hana Fresh Farms.

Tender asparagus from Anuhea Farms is back after a brief hiatus.

Beets from Coca Farms and Greens (collards, kale & chard) from Rice Farms.

The last of the local ginger from this season is on the shelf, Organic Blue Hawaiian Ginger from Puna Organics. This blue ginger has it origins in India. It is named for a freind of the farmer, Baba, the guru who sent it to them. Brother Bubba Baba Hawaiian Organic Blue Ginger is very pungent and low in fiber similar to yellow ginger. Its color will range from creamy green to pale blue to purple, often within the same hand of ginger.
We will have to wait until next fall for the mild, juicy, tender young ginger to arrive.

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