Monday, April 4, 2011

Think Local: Aina Gourmet Coffee

Now available at Mana Foods, 100% Maui grown and roasted Arabica coffee from Aina Gourmet Coffee. Aina Gourmet Coffee thinks that coffee has become much more like wine. Described in terms of body, acidity, flavor and finish...ranging from mild to wild. Their roasters focus on creating the perfect conditions to attain the right balance of flavors. A medium to dark roast will highlight the intrinsic flavors, while too dark a roast will burn off these subtleties. All Aina Gourmet Coffee is 100% Maui grown and 100% O'o Farm roasted. Aina Gourmet Coffee is delivered weekly to ensure you receive the freshest, highest quality 100% Maui coffee. Aloha in every cup.

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