Thursday, March 31, 2011

Think Local: Uncle Mikey's Dried Hawaiian fruit

Uncle Mikey's Dried Hawaiian Fruit is a family owned, family run Kauai business with a simple mission, produce the best Hawaiian dried fruit possible with "no weird stuff added!" Uncle Mikey’s is different from anything you have tasted! "No Weird Stuff Added" means simply that, no chemicals, preservatives, food coloring or sugar is used… The fruit chosen is only Grade A, ready to eat, Hawaiian fruit … purchased from local farmers. When the fruit is at its ripest, ready to eat state, Uncle Mikey’s is hand cut, did you say hand cut? and dried at low temperatures to retain all the nutrition, color and most importantly flavor of the fruit. It is a time consuming process but the end result is the best quality, best tasting dried fruit you have ever eaten. Uncle Mikey's also recycles the peels to compost and wormcasting producers to bring it full circle.

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