Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Natural Beauty: Kula Herb Soap

A delightful soap company, with scents like Dragon Fruit, Plumeria and Haleakala.
Kula Herb Soap makes soap the old fashioned way, handmade, one batch at a time, right here on Maui. They understand that what goes onto your body goes into your body and strive to nourish and balance your skin.

Kula Herb Soap endeavors to exploit neither life nor Earth when creating this soap and it's packaging. They adhere to a recycle-reduce-reuse philosophy and support organic growers & practices.

This fine soap nourished and moisturizers your skin using the finest ingredients:Coconut Oil: For superior lather and cleansing; truly tropical.
Palm Oil: Tropical redux! For a fine, hard bar.
Olive Oil: Universal symbol for peace, the oil long used by herbal healers; a superior humectant.
Hemp Seed Oil: Healing, emollient, anti-oxidant, omega-rich ... We can't praise hempseed oil enough. Ours is organic, cold-pressed to order from Canada.
Kukui Nut Oil: We can't praise kukui nut oil enough, either. Cold-pressed here in Hawaii, a rich, healing, moisturizing emollient oil.
Macadamia Nut Oil: Also rich in anti-oxidents, also from Hawaii. Provides a silky, sultry, island feel.
Citrus Seed Extract: A natural preservative. Grapefruit seeds from Florida!
Organic Botanicals: Wherever possible, some from our Kula gardens. We shop locally first, from our closest neighbors second.
Colorants: Some from the earth, some not. Always safe for your skin.
Essential Oils: We search high & low for the highest quality.
Fragrance Oils: Ditto.

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