Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wall of Chocolate news

You may know Justin's from their high quality nut butters (the little travel packets are my favorite). They have taken organic peanut butter and wrapped in in milk and dark chocolate cups.

Vosges has a few new flavors, including Cherry Rooibos and Blood Orange Caramel. The Cherry Rooibos bar is light and fruity made with 45% Cacao Deep milk chocolate, African Rooibos tea and Michigan cherries. The Blood Orange bar is is deep bittersweet with hibiscus flowers, blood orange caramel, Campari and 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate.

MOO- kids chocolate is made with Organic Milk Chocolate in such flavors as Milk Chocolate with corn flakes and Milk Chocolate with Graham Crackers.

Bubble Chocolate is now available in 38% Cacao Milk Chocolate and 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate. These bars, touted as "Bubbles Wrapped in Chocolate" remind me of premium all natural versions of Areo bars.

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