Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fresh & Organic: Candy Stripped Figs

Figs are botanically very interesting. They are commonly referred to as a fruit, they are actaully a flower. The flower is not visible, as it blooms inside the fruit.
Every year, I look forward to the arrival of candy stripped figs. The season is super short and we are lucky to have a fresh delivery at Mana Foods after a few week absence from the produce aisle. Candy striped Figs, also tiger or raspberry fig, are a bit more expensive than the other figs, but worth every penny. On the outside, they have gold & green stipes, the namesake and inside, they are the most outrageous raspberry jam color. When I cut into one of these juicy figs, I am always reminded of a passage from Siddhartha, where Kamala thanks Siddhartha by kissing him with lips that are "like a freshly cut fig".

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