Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fresh & local: fall abundance

Pumpkins, persimmons & pomegranates! Oh my!

Locally grown pumpkins from Kula Country farms, just in time for Halloween carving.
Maru Persimmons from Hashimoto Persimmon Farm in Kula are not as pretty as the better known, Fuyu, but it’s said to be sweeter and more decandant. Persimmons are only availbable in the fall and the genus name, Diospyros, means “food for the gods”. Once you get to know persimmons, you will agree they are indeed food for the gods.
Speaking of the Gods, the pomegranate is mentioned in Homeric Hymns and is associated with Persephone/Kore. Locally grown pomegranates are now available at Mana Foods.

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