Thursday, February 16, 2012

Book Signing today

Today, Thursday, February 16th from 11:30 - 1:30, Maui author, Andrew von Sonn is signing his books "If Not Now, When?" and "The Money Rebellion."

If Not Now, When? is filled w/cartoons and words about life, identity, perspective, and our current monetary system. Using gentle satire, Andrew Von Sonn holds a mirror to personal alienation, cookie-cutter lives, and the rat race mentality. He beckons us to explore our real lives by delving into a sense of absurdity. Using this absurdity, we can break down our self-limiting paradigm and embrace what is real and true.

The Money Rebellion is a satirical look at money and taxes. It's about an alternative computer banking system that challenges the status quo and the powers that be. Its purpose is to communicate a conceptual picture of "money" and "money systems," and offer some possible future alternatives. It's also filled with plenty of cartoons and laughs.

Andrew Von Sonn, Founder and Director of Mayflower Unlimited, is a lawyer, writer, cartoonist, and father based on the north shore of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands. He graduated UCLA School of Law in 1970 and is licensed to practice law in California and Hawaii. Earlier in his career, he was a starting linebacker in the National Football League.

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