Monday, April 5, 2010

Think Local: Monoi of Maui

Made in Haiku, Maui with Aloha using Maui grown flowers like Tiare Gardenia, Island Plumeria, Pikake Rose and Maui Tuberose.
Monoi is the Tahitian word for Coconut Oil. The natural coconut oil is frangranced in small concentrated batches one gallon at a time. These concentrates are added and blended with larger batches of unscented oil. At the end of all the processing, the individual bottles are filled and individual Maui Grown flowers and/or flower petals are added to each bottle. Depending on the flower in question, it may fresh, dried (or semi dried) before adding putting it in the mix.

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  1. I will definitely look for this in a couple of days when I land in Maui :) THANKS 4 the neat info!!!