Friday, April 2, 2010

A love letter to Mana Foods

Feb. 16, 2010

To everyone at Mana Foods:
I read today that Whole Foods was about to open in Kahului and I decided to write you a love letter because I think you are truly the most wonderful food store in the world. From the moment I walk in, past the chocolate guaranteed to bring joy. Still each time I marvel at the richness of what's there - 70% dark from Panama, Organic with ginger and lemon peel, 69% & extra smooth! Well, I don't know if those specific bars exist, but I think that Willie Wonka himself would have delighted in the selection and commended you heartily for offering such treasures and treats to us for such wonderfully low - such generously low prices.

Shopping at Mana is so much fun! I learn things, experience new tastes, I experiment with new ingredients. I 'm given a way to support the work of farms & companies doing good things here on Earth, often right on Maui. All of you who work there have always been so friendly, so engaged, so knowledgeable, so helpful and so cool. You are one hip, diverse & beautiful collection of people! So, I just wanted to write & tell you how much I cherish the experience of being able to come to Mana and being able to nourish my body & soul with the goodness you assemble.

In a corporatized ever-more-anonymous world, you are an inspiration & a friend & a role model. Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo!

From your fan

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