Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vega Sport for all your adventures

I have two words for you. Vega ROCKS! I am a mountain climber, trail runner and triathlete and I use Vega Sport products to get me through my workouts and races. Performance Protein powder mixed with a banana and almond milk starts my training day. It’s not too heavy in my stomach before a muddy run or bike ride. I chase that with a little Pre-workout Energizer if I’m going for a long hard work out and need the kick of the mate and green tea powder. Afterwards I refuel with more Performance Protein in C2O coconut water to repair and build muscle tissue. I follow that with Recovery Accelerator to replace electrolytes and reduce inflammation after a hard training session. All Vega products are vegan and I like that the protein powder is pea and savi seed protein rather than soy. Other Vega products I use are the Electrolyte Hydrator, the Protein Bar and the Endurance Gel. Vega Sport uses things like dates and stevia for sweetener so nothing is too sweet and sticky. They also use real fruit for flavor and color.

I highly recommend this high quality line for all your sports nutrition needs. Check out

~Marie DeJournette - Purchasing Director - Mana Foods

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