Thursday, July 5, 2012

Udo's Oil for Athlete's

Udo's oil changed my life as an athlete. 1 tablespoon per 50 pounds of body weight per day in my green drink and I'm good to go. It mixes easily with juice and doesn’t have an oily feel going down. It’s actually delicious and I now use it on popcorn and veggies too. It took about 4 weeks to notice a difference but at that point I realized I had lost all craving for any kind of meat, I stopped staring at the ice cream freezer deciding which pint to devour that night and I lost the need for caffeine. I used to do my green drink followed by a pot of green tea every morning. After using Udo’s Oil for awhile I had so much energy after my green drink that I didn’t even remember to make a pot of tea. Within 2 months I had lost about 10 pounds without trying and it has stayed off for nearly a year, again without trying. My energy levels are higher which helps with my training for triathlons, trail runs and mountain climbing. Udo’s oil has helped make me a stronger, fitter athlete. I absolutely love the stuff.  Check out   ~Marie DeJournette - Purchasing Director at Mana Foods

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