Friday, March 30, 2012

Juicy locally grown tomatoes

Thank goodness for Olowalu Nui Farm, who are supplying the delicious Maui grown Hydroponic Tomatoes. The farm was started 10 years ago by Jon Applegate. He owns and operates different restaurants with Italian menus. He was having a hard time finding good tomatoes for his dishes, especially green for fried green tomatoes. After one greenhouse went up in Hana he soon realized that other restaurants around the island were interested in purchasing his tomatoes. In response, two more greenhouses were built. Five years ago Jon sold the property in Hana and moved his farm to Olowalu to be closer to his restaurants, which include Basil Tomatoes Italian Grill, Giovannis Tomato Pie and Jonny's Burger Joint. The farm then added an orchard with apple bannanas, papayas, mangoes, citrus, melons and cucumbers. Recently, a fourth greenhouse has been added to keep up with the growing interest for our tomatoes.

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