Sunday, May 1, 2011

Think Local: Wahkimba's Farm tour

A little higher in Haiku we stopped in to visit Wahkimbas Farms where most everything is done by hand, He saves all his own seeds (a very tedious and time consuming process). His main tools are a pitch fork and a machete. His Rasta Salad mix has a big following and each leaf is hand cut with scisors and selected to go into the very special mix which is different every time and not dominated by lettuce like most mix. Wahkimba has a knack for producing high quality delicious produce. His two acres are extremely diverse growing sugar cane, bananas, taro, sweet potatoes, yacon, cassava, radish, daikon, herbs, greens, corn, peanuts, poha berries, carrots, and many others all hand done with very low inputs he makes his own compost fertilizer a more traditional sustainable approach to farming than the over mechanized standard that relies heavily on imported fertilizer and seeds.

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