Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New year, New You

About this time every year, the fire that we had at the beginning of the month to implement healthy habits and changes can wane. So here is a reminder, in the form of a top ten Healthy Resolutions list.

1. Eat at least the minimum recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. This is easy, fun and affordable at Mana Foods. A half cup of cooked vegetables, one cup of raw, leafy vegetables, or one small whole fruit counts as one serving.
Some of my favorite ways to introduce more fruits & vegetables into my diet include: snacking on Baby Carrots and ranch dressing, chopped up apple in oatmeal, extra celery & red onion in my tuna salad, apple & peanut butter as a snack, having one vegetarian meal a day (like a curry, stir fry or spinach quiche) and kale chips.

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