Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

As you gather with your ohana to celebrate this day of giving thanks, Mana Foods would like to thank YOU for being part of our Maui ohana.
A Thanksgiving Blessing
In the spirit of humility we give thanks for all that is.
We thank the great spiritual beings who have shared their wisdom.
We thank our ancestors who brought us to where we are now.
We are grateful for the opportunity to walk this planet,
to breathe the air,
to taste the food,
to experience sensations of a human body/mind,
to share in this wonder that is life.
We are grateful for the natural world that supports us,
for the community of humankind that enables us to do many wonderous things.
We are grateful that we are conscious,
that as intelligent beings we can reflect upon the many gifts we have been given.
by Tom Barrett

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