Wednesday, November 10, 2010

20% Off Dr. Hauschka select products

Select Dr. Hauschka products are now available at a 20% discount, while supplies last. This sale only happens once a year, so be sure to take advantage of this special pricing.

Whenever I use Dr. Hauschka's Rose Day cream, I am instantly transported to a wonderfully scented sanctuary of peace and my super dry rosacea skin is soothed. I recently found out that the roses are Biodynamically farmed in Bulgaria and that the farmers are paid fair-trade prices. It made me love this company even more!

Their formulations are based on an understanding of the way skin works and its relationship with overall health. A Dr.Hauschka Skin Care regimen should be part of a healthy lifestyle supported by diet, exercise and contemplative practices to reconnect us with our natural rhythms. All of these factors have an effect on skin health and beauty, and all are a part of Dr.Hauschka's holistic approach.

Every plant and mineral ingredient is carefully selected based on its individual effects and the way it interacts with other ingredients, as well as whether it came from an ecologically and ethically sound source. Dr. Hauschka chooses packaging that's Eco-friendly and which allows them to keep the products free of artificial preservatives.

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