Monday, August 23, 2010

The Freshest Produce News

Mahalo for Shopping the Produce department at Mana Foods!
Have you had any great nectarines, mangoes, cherries, apricots, figs, local carrots, local greens, or incredible coconuts lately? New, exciting, noteworthy things are always going down in the produce aisle at Mana and lots of loyal customers have been requesting regular updates on whats new and fresh or on the horizon. They want to be in the inner circle and have a closer connection to their food.
Are you concerned about who grows your your food and how its grown and how fresh it is? Do you like to know what the hottest fresh organic and or local produce items are today or this week? Maybe it helps to have this information for meal planning. A lot of times rare, special, limited, items come and go in a matter of hours or days and perhaps you'd like to know when killer lychee, mango, avocados, figs, dates, tomatoes etc are coming or when they are almost done so you can shop earlier or later and stock up on your favorites -

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Mahalo for all your support and thanks for supporting small local family owned business' and farmers!

Ryan Earehart
Produce Manger, Mana Foods, Paia, Maui

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