Monday, September 24, 2012

More love for Mana Foods

Mahalo to Luxury Living Maui for the shout out & great review!

Mana Foods is the central hub of Paia, undoubtedly the best organic grocery store in Maui. On the luscious North Shore of Maui is the little Town of Paia. The town may be small, yet there is a fabulous 25-year-old grocery there that holds an immense variety of items, everything from groceries to trinkets. Mana Foods provides quality products from the Hawaiian Islands, with more than 400 local vendors. When you stop in at Mana Foods you will only find organic, natural, international and gourmet items. Mana has its own bakery with fresh specialty breads and pastries. The chefs in the Bakery and Deli have created such tasty treats that they were voted second best restaurant on Maui. From the meat counter the butcher provides fresh local seafood, grass fed Maui beef, organic chicken and much more. The dairy holds a vast selection of specialty cheeses, with a variety of vegan options. There is health and beauty remedies, supplements, Chinese herbs, and a panache assortment of luscious lotions for your skin and hair. If you have the need for some new apparel, Mana Foods also carries an assortment of organic clothing, including Sierra Dew Designs.

Mana Foods offers something for everyone while shopping in Paia. While shopping at Mana Foods, enjoy health and luxury shopping in Maui. You may even have a chance meeting with a movie star! Surely, then you will have a luxury living in Maui moment… Everyone in the know shops at Mana Foods in Paia. Not to mention, the customer service at Mana Foods is just as marvelous as all the wonders you will find within the store. Hau’oli Ku’ai hele! (Happy Shopping)

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