Monday, July 19, 2010

Athlete's Corner: Beyond Trail Mix

I’m back from my South American adventure and now it’s time for a night of summer camping at Paliku in Haleakala. I do all my camp food shopping at Mana.
For the hike in I bring Tanka Bars, a moist buffalo and cranberry bar that provides protein and a sweet/tart flavor. Wasabi peas from the bulk room are a great crunchy snack.
I also always bring some roasted fingerling potatoes. I roast them in olive oil and sea salt the day before then pop them in a zip lock. On a hard hike or run I always crave the salt and the potato provides needed carbohydrates, potassium and vitamin C.
When I get to the camp site I boil up some water on my camp stove for pasta. Barilla Plus Farfalle is my favorite. Made with a blend of semolina, chickpea and lentil flour it packs more of a protein punch. I toss the pasta with Pierre and Annebelle’s fresh pesto from Kula, pull out my flask of red wine and I’m ready for star gazing…or listening to rain on the tent as is often the case at Paliku.
For breakfast in the morning, Nature’s Path Maple Nut instant oatmeal, a hard boiled egg and Mt. Hagen organic instant coffee in single serve packets fuel me up for the hike out. When camping in Haleakala remember to bring iodine or a water filter for treating the water at the campsites and don’t forget plenty of sunscreen because the sun is much more intense at altitude. Happy trails!

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