Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Think Local: Fresh Sugar Cane Juice

Available in lime, mint, and ginger combinations

Visit Mana Foods and check out our new fresh organic sugar cane juice made on site - Did you know sugar cane is very alkaline and can actually help prevent cavities? The fresh cane juice is loaded with calcium, phosphorous, and iron, it is low on the Glycemic Index at 43. When mixed with plenty of lemon juice and cayenne, it makes a great raw Master Cleanse! We are making up batches of Lime, Mint, and Ginger combinations - Come in and ask the produce guys for more information

Health & Nutrition Benefits of Eating Sugarcanes

Q. Will raw sugar cane rot your teeth?
A. The findings of a Master of Dental Science paper from the University of Sydney concluded that consuming raw sugar cane actually has a protective effect against tooth decay due to its high calcium and phosphorous content. It is the opposite of what most people might think. If you don’t believe us, please search the web

Sugarcane, being low on glycemic index, helps keep the body fit and healthy.

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