Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gluten Freedom: January 2010

Left Overs!

After the holidays, when you are sick to death of cooking and cleaning, is a good time to let your labor work for you. By that I mean taking leftovers, and making them into “lean-Intos.”

Sandwiches made from leftover turkey, vegenaise, Annie’s GF Mustard, a little red onion, salt and pepper, and some yummy Udi’s sandwich bread are always a big hit! If you made GF dressing in your turkey, a huge hit in my house is a sandwich made with left over turkey, a layer of dressing, cranberry sauce & vegenaise! Try it before you knock it even if it sounds gross.

I have become addicted to Mary’s Gone Crackers “Sticks & Twigs” snacks as they have such a good crunch, just the right amount of sea salt, and come in a variety of flavors that all go well with any GF dips.

Dip Ideas:
Carrot Pate
You Get The Pic!

Leftover GF mashed potatoes become really good base for potato pancakes, garlic mashed 9to add a new flavor), breakfast potatoes or hash, and fried into slices like twice baked French fries!

There are so many things that can be done with leftovers, that you should try coming up with a new twist on them yourselves and submit your ideas to this website!

Enjoy the New Year, and lets make the real “hope” that we all wake up and smell our common power to change the planet in a truly “sustainable” way!

Peace to You All!!!

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